Al Qassam

by Aeternam

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Robert Chitoiu
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Robert Chitoiu Fantastic album, as is the rest of their work. To those reviewers saying that it sounds like Orphaned Land... Kobi Farhi, the frontman of Orphaned Land literally sings on track 5! Which is why it sounds like Orphaned Land. I immediately recognized his voice when I was listening to the album the first time. Favorite track: Palmyra Scriptures (ft. Kobi Farhi).
x0riente thumbnail
x0riente While Death Metal isn't exactly a thing for me, Aeternam somehow managed to sneak their way into heavy rotation. Whether this is due to their tasteful orchestrations or the splendid oriental flourishes throughout - who knows? But those two elements (+ a good mix of growls & epic vox) lift a mere barrage of modern DM riffs way above average and make sure I won't get tired of "Al-Quassam" anytime soon. With great cover art and a nice vinyl edition, this is clearly recommended.
vacant planet
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vacant planet Excellent proggy death metal with middle-eastern textures fully and carefully woven together.
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Al Qassam 03:14
أجب يا أبا مرة بحق سام وبحق الذي تجلى مرة الأبيض أبو الحارث للجبل فجعله دكا و خر موسى صعقا الوحا الوحا مرة الأبيض أبو الحارث العجل العجل الساعة الساعة أقسمت عليك أيها الملك الأبيض أقبل انت وخدامك في حق مشربوع وشامول ودروط إفعلوا ما أمرتكم نودج وسربليط وشرهام
Walls of Capua witnessed the making of the slave Coliseum suffering from the handling of the sword Screams of the crowd resounding to the sky The Senators are watching Rebellion against the Imperium emerged by blood Hear the suffering, the smell of flesh Acclaiming the bringer of rain Faith uprising The shadows of war are calling the bringer of rain House of Batiatus has sustained the anger of their servants Leaving their crates in mayhem as the rebels escape Hyades in the boundless skies Reserved a seat beside the Olympian gods To a mortal man who fought for peace And died a divinity I will be millions I am Spartacus I have never concerned myself with thoughts beyond these walls As I stepped into the arena, I only sought for violence and chaos From now on, my fate is to regain my freedom To tear the Republic into pieces as I roar Forecasting the order's fall The final legions have fallen by the hands of Rome in Senerchia Crucified for their treason, a lesson of fear for thousands Covered with spears, unable to bear The revolt has come to an end Ss the man embraces his destiny in salvation In barren lands, my tale will stand
I was staring at the sky Reaching for the moon inside a shell of coal Painting future conquests on a dissolving wall Under his name I call Heaven spoke to me one day of fall Singing through my ears and thoughts He came to me like rain that brings inerts to life He untied the sunlight to orn our kind Commandments were saved As the men's world is held We're embracing the fate of a prophecy For all burning sands For a long abiding tale As I trample on idol remains Grant me strength to evince your signs Bless me through the darkest night Shining orb, I will quench your thirst for human misery He erased the sunrise, reawakening our minds
Serenade of duality The celebration of Min In the center of the breeding circle Expel the primitive instinct and dive into ecstasy For the gods to witness a birth Drink from the breast, elixir of life The time has come for the fire to crawl Ithyphallic spirits of procreation In darkened nights The intimate ritual of conception The finical carving awakens, born from the astral kind Submit to the will of fertility Embrace the chaos above As the sun and the moon unite Pantheon lords, providers of semen Surrendering of the cosmic course Infusing power and strength to the great ensemble Iu im hotep Min Qa'i shuty sa Iset Iiu im hotep Min Ka Mut-ef notjer a'ah Iu em hotep Iset Mut Horu Uret Hekau Iu em hotep Iset Nebet pet Not jeri ta'ah In life and death The serenade prevails As devoted orbs dance around the scorching flame At the edge of infinity From the womb rise the echoes of growth As the sky and the earth divide
يا ليتني أتيت إليكي كأنني شمس إله من ذهب أذان بإسم سيادة تدمر كنز بقايا حضارة أكبر يا ليتكي أقمتي سلالة تطوف بعبر زمان الضلام كأنكي رسلتي لتروي شعوبا تضيق بنهر سيحكي For another sea For a thousand lands Solemn oath I made to the promised orphans Fallen men have seen an eternal reign As I fight against all into Ancyra
Hanan Pacha 06:12
Follow the sacred trail of silver beams And walk to me, O favored son Earthling made of stone Until the star lights cease I'll be your servant eternally And I'll bow before you, arch of the solar king Thunder awakens the waves! Surging from the crashing waves of distant shores Solemn strain of the divine Great circle of light, sanctified Rising mythical carvings of giants Eternally engraved in the western sands of old O Great Father! Of the sun and moon, the earth and skies Divinity of the stars, fate spinner, time bender Silence speaking the voices of worship The arrows of war flying through the sacred mountains Hanan! Striving to its will Striking the lightning on the mortals of the earth Hidden stones below Carvings of giants engraved in the realm of men Anger of the Gods It's time for you to rise again Breathing life into stones of old And in these darkened times you'll reign Flooding the realm of men with tears of rain The rise of night will chase away The light of the sky to hide in its wake And if we find ourselves astray The light of the scepter will guide our way Emblem of power and might Leading where water meets the sky Saviour of thousand lives Bringer of restful times
Totsuka-no-Tsurugi, gleaming purple flame The son of izanagi, god of the blaze The sun and the moon became his brethren The underworld is now awake Killing men, destroying the mountains Cast down to the world of the living Seeking a way to repent from his sins Chasing the scent in the cave of the snake Eight-headed dragon Slayed by the Sword Amaterasu has witnessed the storm Hear the roars of the gathering clouds of heaven Tearing the sky by the will of the flames Tsukuyomi has witnessed the rage Susanoo has claimed the celestial plain Restless, the quarrel ended in rage Astral eclipse, divine revenge For a godlike welded tie of blood Devouring the wholeness of your innocence At this time of the year Where the serpent appears
Ascension 03:31
Omnipresent vital force Consuming of the supreme sacrament Sustaining every life form on earth Mind staggering dimensions Before the soul is revealed to men No Divination! No Evocation! No Vision! Entire world existence collides Primal awareness להגיע לפסגה Purified, synchronise your mind with the higher side Interior evolution of the mortal Extensive life of a god Confined conception of chaos First invocation of the lower divines Surrendering of the being Transcending bounds of spiritual perceptions Clairvoyance enhanced The Tree of Life is now my guide Sephirah deity Assimilating your own essence Your own integrated consciousness Of Old! I aim the sun My soul is now complete A new chapter begins A new order to reign My soul is now complete
Osmosis of lifeless orbs Pantheon of senseless hope Welcome darkness, the end of all men As death is calling chaos to serve Distorted time, tormentor of souls Aspirate! Decimate! Welcome the bloodless in cosmic wasteland For endless wander Forsaken in void Mortalis Caelum Viatorem In Aeternum Catharsis In Ignem Poena Universi Burden of earthlings dematerialized Hunting of sinners, affliction undone Obsolete spirits are seeking for a truce Desperate! Dissipated! Forsake the dead In timeless space Forsake the dead Thou shalt have grieve and suffer This baleful world was born for terror and pain This cycle holds no fate The race extinction, a star implosion Black hole, infamous hell! Crumble all to dust


"Al Qassam" is the fruit of Aeternam's evolution.  While each song maintains its personal theme, an obscure middle eastern witchcraft backdrop is ubiquitous throughout the music, lyrics and the aesthetic of the artwork.  Tribal rhythms color the sound, painting the brutal scenery of a highly melodic and epic journey. 


released March 27, 2020

Recorded by Antoine Guertin
Mixed & Masterted by Christian Donaldson
Artwork painted by Eliran Kantor
Music & Lyrics by Achraf Loudiy & Antoine Guertin


all rights reserved



Aeternam Québec

From their begining in 2007 in Quebec city, Aeternam has been known for their unique and authentic sound, combining extreme and epic riffs with ethnic melodic influences, making a perfect blend of harmony and brutality.

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